Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello! Is anyone home?

Hello, Is Anyone Home?

A public high school teacher at Milford Mill Academy in Baltimore, County Maryland admitted to propping up his phone to record female cheerleader students change into their uniforms in his room.
Here is what happened.  On January 23, seven teenage girls were in his classroom getting ready to change into their uniforms.  The teacher told the cheerleading coach, another teacher, that the girls could use his room to change and that he would leave the room.  BUT before he did so, he propped up his phone and set it to record the changing process.  One of the girls saw what was happening and grabbed the phone and took it to the cheerleading coach.
Here is where it gets bad and messy.   The cheerleading coach (remember this is another teacher on staff) did nothing about the episode.   HOWEVER, that afternoon one of the girls and her mother went to the Pikesville police station and filed a report against the teacher.  The next day, January 24, detectives interviewed the teacher in question at the school.   The teacher admitted during the interview with the detectives that he had recorded the girls changing in his room on at least two other separate occasions.   The girls have changed at least five times in this classroom.  The teacher is charged with conducting visual surveillance with prurient intent.   If convicted he could face one year in prison and a $2,500 fine.  Detectives found search sites on the teacher’s phone for pornography and cheerleader. 
The BIG question is where is Baltimore County Public Schools in this mess.   We keep getting back to the old Nixon questions.   What did they know and when did they know it?   Did the cheerleading coach and teacher, file a report with the school administration and/or with Child Protective Services as she is required by law to do?   If not, why not and what will be the consequences to her?   If she did, why wasn’t that in the article?   What did the Milford Mill Academy administration do with the information?  The official word from the central administration of the school district is that the system “took immediate and appropriate action”.   If it did, why did it fall to the cheerleader and her mother to press charges before the police got involved?  The spokesman also said that the teacher, with 8 years’ experience, is no longer at Milford Mill.  Where is he?  Is this the dance of the lemons and he has been moved to another unsuspecting school?  Or had he been booted to the central office where the taxpayers continue to pay his salary while he does “make work”.

The great state of Texas doesn’t track teachers who have been charged with or convicted of a crime.  In many cases the information is kept secret and individuals find other jobs in other districts.
Will Baltimore County protect this teacher and will he find other jobs in other school districts and spy on more kids?   How much worse will it get?
The Baltimore County Crimes Against Children unit is investigating and seeking additional information.

Hello Baltimore County Public Schools are you awake and watching out for our kids?

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