Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Together we Can Save the World

Together We can Save the World

Based on the results of the last election, it appears that most voters think our country and the world need saving.  We may disagree on what the right approach is but  we do seem to agree there is much to do.

Now that the voters and electoral college have chosen, there is still work to be done.  So if you are not willing to vote and then sit and let your voting do the working, here are some ideas for how each of us can do our part to save our country and the world.

First do justice.   You know the old Superman slogan, Truth, Justice and the American Way.  Remember that the American Way is justice.  Essentially that is looking at the world with a sense of fairness.  Innocent until proven guilty.  Treating others as we would like to be treated.   Give people a fair chance to show what they can do and contribute.  Don’t prejudge based on race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation.  Decide by the behaviors of each individual person.

Be righteous.   I am not suggesting any religiosity.  To be a righteous person is to be a good and moral person.   Morality is not aligned with any one religion or necessarily with any religion at all.   It means to live in a principled and honorable way.   Treat each other with honesty and decency, respect each individual’s humanity.  Don’t be over impressed with yourself so that you begin to believe that what you believe and how you act defines righteous.

These behaviors are critical for the success of our country and the world.  But since our time on this earth is time limited, the most important task is to teach these traits to our children.  We must raise good children.  They are our gift to the future.   Raising our children with good character in our schools, our homes and our communities can send forth a wave of change that can indeed change the world. Schools cannot hide in the corner of academics only.  Families cannot delegate this responsibility to schools.  Communities must count success as character not an accumulation of material wealth.   In this season of thanksgiving,  we need to be grateful for every child who demonstrates that he or she has learned these lessons.

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