Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Educators-Don't prostitute your lives

Strong words connecting educator with prostitute.  Think about it.  The traditional meaning of the word prostitute is someone who sells his/her body for money.  Currently there are thousands of educators who are prostituting their lives for money.  You answer the question which is worse, while I explain.
Every day of late, I read about parents who are resisting the annual testing programs originally brought about by No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  These tests have been combined and expanded by the testing conglomerates Smarter Balance and Partnership for Assessment of College and Career Readiness (PARCC).  This group of tests are designed to measure Common Core skills of the new curriculum.  The curriculum itself does not require testing but NCLB does so many states are simply using the two stones to kill one bird so to speak.   These new tests can take as long as 8 hours for kids to take.  They take the tests on multiple days, several times a year.  Parents are up in arms and calling for "sick outs" on testing days.
Where are the educators?   They are mumbling in faculty lounges, grousing at cocktail parties.  What are they not doing?  They aren't organizing their unions to fight these tests.   They are not organizing letter campaigns to the local press and online venues to describe how the students are suffering under this extended testing time.  They are not bombarding social media with anecdotes about how bad the situation is.
Why aren't they doing this?   In private they will tell you they do not want to put their jobs at risk.  That is a bunch of bull hockey.  Anyone who has ever tried to fire a teacher will tell you it is an arduous task not for the faint of heart.  The unions have built in enough protections that it is extremely difficult to release a teacher, and certainly not for the mere exercise of a citizen's first amendment rights.
Teachers as a group are a bunch of sheep.  That is how we got NCLB to begin with.  Can you imagine the medical profession, the bar association or any other professional group going quietly to slaughter as the Congress regulated and changed their profession?  Yet the educational unions gave out not a peep as NCLB fever swept the country.  Even at the time every right thinking person knew it was a joke that all kids would be on grade level by 2014 and we would get there by excessive testing and calling out schools/districts and states that were not marching toward that goal in a timely fashion.
Teachers are supposed to be child advocates.  They are supposed to care deeply about their students.  And I do think that the vast majority do.  They are not known for backbone.  Right now Congress is debating a newer version of NCLB.  They are even working on re-branding it since the current name does not exactly instill love in our hearts.  Annual testing is still in the draft version.  Educators who believe annual testing is not beneficial to kids need to weigh in.  Speak up!  Stop selling out your professional judgement.  Don't prostitute your lives.

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