Tuesday, January 24, 2023

So, You are proud of THAT!!??

 So, You are proud of that??!!


A couple of Severna Park high school students used a racial epithet to another student.  Additionally, belittling and demeaning statements were made to the student who is also a person with special needs.

These kids must have been very proud of their behavior because they videoed the episode and then sent it to students and staff.  No telling how proud the parents of these kids must have been.

The students who did the behaviors and who sent it to as many in the Severna Park high school community as they could were identified.  Anne Arundel County schools are “investigating the video” that was filmed in the school.  “The school is taking or has taken appropriate action with regards to anyone found to be involved” said a school system spokesperson.   He declined to elaborate on exactly what those actions might be.

The principal sent out a letter saying the behaviors were “unacceptable anywhere, especially in a school setting where part of our mission as a collective community is to cultivate students who are kind, accepting and inclusive”.  Looks like we have a lot of mission failures here.  According to the school handbook, these types of behaviors can result in severe disciplinary measures, which include suspension and expulsion.  Yet the school spokesperson could not elaborate on any kinds of consequences these students may be experiencing. The video was also posted on Twitter so it has received a lot of viewership.

Michael McWhorter a filmmaker saw the video and was repulsed.  He shared the video throughout his market with the intent of alerting parents to be aware of what their children might be doing.  He said as a parent he would want to know if his own children were doing these kinds of behaviors.  He said we can’t just assume that they are not.  He also discouraged viewers from contacting the school or making threats to anyone.

The school district is going to have grade level group meetings to teach the importance of respect and inclusivity.  I am sure students will leave the group meetings transformed.   Being talked at always makes an impression- nope not yet.

In the letter to parents and students the principal applauded those who upon seeing the video immediately contacted school administration.  The principal wanted families to know that these behaviors were “simply not ok.”   Dropping chewed gum on the sidewalk is not ok.  Demeaning and belittling someone with a disability and bullying a weaker person in school, then showing the whole community what you did is more than “not ok”.  Those behaviors bring shame on the school, the school system and the community.  Maybe we need to start acting like that!  Deeds people, not more words, behavior needs to change.

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